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Halloween Toys – Big Fun and Big Sales!

Halloween is on its way and it’s time to embrace it in all its spooky glory. After all, Halloween isn’t just an American holiday anymore. It’s become a big deal to Australian kids and families as well. And if it’s a big deal to Australian kids and families, that means it’s a big opportunity for retailers.

Halloween Toys – Big Fun and Big Halloween Sales!

Research from Ebay shows that between 2013 and 2018, Halloween sales in Australia on spooky décor, decorations and Halloween toys jumped by 82%. Costume sales shot up by 31% over the same period. And research by Mars Wrigley Australia estimated that Australians will spend $159 million on chocolate and other confectionery products over the Halloween period, too.


Halloween sales are a big business.

Getting On Board with Halloween

So, how can you get on board with Halloween and reap the benefits of the growing Halloween sales industry?

Create an Awesome Halloween Display Window

Window displays can play a huge role in driving foot traffic… plus they’re fun. You can design it any way you like, but be sure to keep the products, like your Halloween toys and plush, at eye level. This pulls in interest and more customers (and drives more sales).

If you’re looking for specific inspiration take a look at our cute Hallodanglers[insert link to digital catalogue]. Our Hallodanglers are fantastic (and scary!) seasonal 2021 Halloween plush decorations. We’ve got our wily, wicked witch, our blood-thirsty vampire, our fierce werewolf and even our stitched-together Frankenstein. All are made with cute Velcro hands that can grasp onto your other decorations and would look super cute (and fun) in your display window.

Go All Out on Your Halloween Displays

Halloween is definitely a time for over doing it, especially when it comes to your displays. Bring in classic Halloween elements – like spiderwebs, jack-o-lanterns, creepy crawlies and more – by using Halloween toys and décor! You’re really only limited by your imagination. We love the look of hay bales as a base, too.

Our Scarykins would look super cute and super spooky in your displays. These Halloween plush toys are mini versions of our Hallodanglers. In fact, put both on display and you’ll have big and littles to impress your customers. Who wouldn’t want a matching Halloween plush witch and her mini-me for their own Halloween décor?

Create a Halloween Attraction or Giveaway

Bring the kids in by the truckload by setting up a fun Halloween attraction. It could be a Halloween-themed game, a mini maze to explore or even a simple giveaway (Halloween lollies are always a great way to go!). Whatever you do, you just need to think of ways you can immerse your shoppers into the Halloween experience.

Embrace Trick or Treaters

One of the best ways to embrace Halloween is to embrace trick or treaters! Throw open the doors on October 31st and hand out lollies to all the little ghouls and goblins that come calling. Kids love trick or treating, but parents sometimes worry about knocking on strangers’ doors. Coming into a business they trust is a better option (and then you’ll have a captive audience keen to buy all your Halloween goodies!).

Enter Our Halloween Competition!

Now that you’ve seen the light and embraced Halloween, why not enter our Halloween competition. All you have to do is create a Halloween display at your store, snap a pic and send it to us by the 31st of October 2021.  The winner will receive a $500 credit to go towards their next order before 1 December 2021.

The competition is open to all our customers (that’s you!). Check out our Competition Page for more details on how to enter and get ready to win some cash!

CTA – Halloween is a great time to become a Wild Republic retailer! Just head over to our Become a Retailer page and come aboard for Halloween sales and more!