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We create toys that are naturally fun!

 For nearly four decades, Wild Republic’s realistic stuffed animals and toys have helped children explore the beauty of nature. Our mission is to create toys that foster curiosity about wildlife and educate children about the wonders of nature. Wild Republic is the natural choice for young explorers everywhere.

About Us

Wild Republic Australasia has been delighting consumers around the globe with an expansive collection of nature-related toys and gifts since 2000. For the past 20 years we have been committed to fostering curiosity for the outside world within our customers.

Wild Republic was established in 1979, with a vision to inspire. Since then, the company has continued to lead the plush toy industry. Headquartered in Twinsburg, Ohio, Wild Republic has offices throughout the world with international distribution serving zoos, museums, aquariums and retailers.

Our Mission

Wild Republic was created to unite our founder’s love for education and wildlife. For forty years Wild Republic’s realistic stuffed animals and toys have helped children explore the beauty of nature. Our mission is to create toys that spark interest about wildlife and educate children about the wonders of nature.

We have always worked to ensure that our products adhere to the strictest of toy standards not only in the US, but for worldwide distribution. Wild Republic is the natural choice for young explorers everywhere.

Our Promise to the Planet

Our company has always been a leader in the industry and we value this position. We have embraced a larger vison of sustainability and continue to find innovative solutions within the industry, such as utilising recycled fabrics and using biodegradable plastic bags for packing.

Our Promise to the Planet is to lead our industry away from actions that devastate the environment. We recognise that each action in the supply chain has an impact on the environment and are taking steps to ensure this impact is as minimal as possible, whilst maintaining the high quality, realistic plush that separates us from our competition. From creation to consumption, Wild Republic makes every effort to lessen the company’s carbon footprint by reducing, reusing, and sourcing sustainable products.

Wild Republic remain committed to providing not just ecofriendly lines but a long-term sustainability strategy that includes all levels of the supply chain.

How Are Wild Republic’s Plush Toys Manufactured?

At Wild Republic, the environment means everything. We care deeply about the planet and all the creatures that inhabit it, so when we were establishing a manufacturing process, the process needed to make as little impact on the environment as possible. So, what does a sustainable manufacturing process for plush toys look like? The team at Wild Republic is here to break it down for you.

Sourcing the Materials

  • Fabrics. Our Ecokins range of animal plushies are made from 100% recycled materials such as water bottles and recycled fibre fill. Sixteen plastic bottles are used to make one 12 inch Ecokin. Additionally, the embroidered eyes and nose are made from recycled polyester thread
  • Plush. All of our animal plushies are stuffed with fill made from recycled water bottles. They’re just as cuddly as any other soft toy, but they’re entirely environmentally friendly.
  • Beads. When beads are used we source reground beads, which are made of recycled materials, or we use a 50/50 combination of reground beads and other environmentally-friendly materials to create these plush toys.

The Manufacturing Process

From the planning stages of manufacture through to the moment you put Wild Republic’s big plush toy range on your store’s shelves, every step of the process is an opportunity to make a difference and minimise our impact on the environment. Here are a few things we’re striving to achieve in our manufacturing process;

  • Continuing to innovate. We recognise that our ambition to be as environmentally-friendly as possible will never be over. We are continually looking over our processes and products for opportunities to improve, innovate, and reduce our carbon footprint while simultaneously providing premium quality plush toys.

From Our Warehouses To Your Shelves

The impact of packaging on the environment is astronomical. It clogs our drains, ends up in oceans and waterways, litters our parks, roads, and green spaces, and it ends up sitting in a landfill for centuries after we’ve torn it off our products and thrown it away. At Wild Republic, we refuse to add to the problem. Instead, we’re looking at eco-friendly alternatives to packaging and distributing our animal plushies to Australian retailers.

  • Cardboard. 80% of the cardboard in our packaging is recycled.
  • Inks. We use soy ink, which is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional petroleum-based inks. Made from soybeans, this ink is far brighter and more colourful, and it makes it easier to recycle paper and cardboard on which it’s printed.
  • Plastic. Where possible, we try to ensure that the plastic packing bags and fillings we use keep the products safe and are recyclable and made from recycled or biodegradable materials. Our efforts are allowing us to eliminate single-use plastic from our distribution process.
    Tags. The tags on our kids’ toys are made from recycled paper.

If You Want To Stock Sustainable Plush Toys, Become A Wild Republic Retailer

At Wild Republic, eco-friendly practice and sustainability are at the forefront of everything we do. We are continually looking for opportunities to innovate and positively impact the world around us, but that doesn’t come at the cost of our products. We refuse to compromise on quality and our commitment to manufacturing premium products while simultaneously fostering a sustainability culture within our brand. It’s this dedication that makes Wild Republic an award-winning industry leader for plushies in Australia. If you’re interested in stocking a range of high quality, educational, sustainable plush toys from a leading environmentally-friendly brand, partner with us and let’s make the world a better place, one soft toy at a time.