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Rainbow plush toy

Wild Republic’s Rainbowkins are More Than Just Fun, They’re Helping Kids Feel Included

Rainbow plush toys are about more than just fun – they’re about making kids feel included and accepted. From our rainbow unicorn to our rainbow penguin plush, we’ve got just the thing for your favourite little customers.

Bright rainbows, soft plush and all your favourite animals – Wild Republic’s newest toy line, Rainbowkins, have it all… and more. Guaranteed to draw the eyes of your customers, whether big or little, they’ll soon fall in love with their adorable little faces and soft squishability. They’re everything a kid could want in a rainbow plush toy!

But these line represent a little bit more than just fun. 27 August 2021 is ‘Wear It Purple’ Day here in Australia. On the last Friday in August, we go purple to celebrate and stand with LGBTQIA+ youth – and to stand out against the high rates of harassment and discrimination they unfortunately still face. Like many of our retailers, at Wild Republic we work with organisations around the world to promote anti-bullying, especially towards our LGBTQIA community.

Being a kid, and a teenager, can be challenging. 75% of LGBTQIA+ youth in Australia will experience harassment because of their identity and are therefore 12x more likely to experience depression.. So, as a company we want to do everything we can to ensure that all Australian kids feel safe, happy and included. And our Rainbowkins rainbow plush toys are a wonderful part of that!

Meet Wild Republic’s New Rainbow Plush Toy line, Rainbowkins

Our newest plush line, Rainbowkins, was launched in the US for Pride Month to much delight. And now they’re flying their way to our Aussie retail shops just in time to support our own LGBTQIA community for Wear It Purple Day.

These fun, super-soft stuffed animals are wrapped in rainbow colours and they’re guaranteed to bring happiness, joy and light to kids of all ages. Standing 30 cms tall, your customers have their choice of 6 different animals, including a rainbow sloth, a rainbow penguin and a rainbow unicorn, and much, much more.

Rainbowkins are the perfect accessory for Wear it Purple Day and Pride Month of course, but your littlest customers will love them anytime of the year. That’s because they are bright, cute, cuddly and fun! Stock them near the birthday party accessories and you can be sure that kids will be begging to take one home for their own birthdays. The Rainbowkin rainbow unicorn will be a sure-fire favourite to accompany rainbow unicorn themed parties (a current fave among little Aussies)!

Championing Access and Inclusion in Your Retail Store

The access and inclusion of a diverse range of identities within the LGBTQIA community is important to us, and we know it is to you as well. We all want to champion an Australia free of discrimination for all Australian youth, no matter how they identify.

Stocking Rainbowkins is one way to start that conversation and show your LGBTQIA customers, and all your customers, that you support them. But if you want to do more, why not host a Wear It Purple, or Anti-Bullying Event at your retail store?

Host a Wear It Purple or Anti-Bullying Event

One great way to support Australian youth and the LGBTQIA community is by hosting a Wear it Purple Event in your store.

One idea we love is to hold a selfie competition. Have your customers send through a photo of themselves wearing purple or rainbow colours, or holding one of our Rainbowkins. Selfies can be uploaded to your social accounts, or to the customer’s own account (tagging your business). Use the hashtags #wearitpurple #wearitpurpleday together with #wildrepublic #rainbowkins

Or have a LGBTQIA trivia competition. Whether you have it in store, or virtually, it’s a great way to start the conversation and change the dialogue around inclusion and supporting our Australian youth. Plus, it’ll be super fun and will bring customers through the door and into your store (even if it’s your online store)!

Whatever you decide to do, be sure to decorate your shopfront, both in real life and online with rainbows and have your staff wear purple. It’s a fantastic way to get involved and to show your customers that no matter where you come from, what you believe in or what makes you happy, we’re all one people and one planet.

Rainbowkins Details

  • 30 cms high
  • Fill made from spun recycled water bottles
  • Surface washable
  • Tag printed in soy ink and made of recycled paper
  • 6 different varieties to choose from
CTA – If you’re keen to get Wild Republic’s rainbow plush toys in your shop, pop onto our wholesale site  and make an order. And if you’re not a Wild Republic retailer it’s easy to do on our Become a Retailer page