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Mini Plush Farm Animals

Meet the Mini Plush Farm Animals that’ll Drive Your Customers (and Your Revenue) Crazy

Kids love farm animal toys. From mini plush farm animals to full barnyard toy sets, farm animal toys spark imagination, creativity and are just plain fun.

More importantly, they’re extremely popular in retail shops. In fact, there are over 10,000 results for ‘farm animal toys’ on Amazon’s Australian site alone. And as the largest online retailer, they certainly know where to place their bets for revenue-driving retail products. That’s why you’re sure to love our new Lil Farm, mini plush farm animals for your own store!

Wild Republic was created to connect our founder’s love for children and wildlife. 

Our mission is to deliver toys and stuffed animals that foster curiosity about wildlife and educate children about the wonders of nature.

Meet Wild Republic’s New Lil Farm, Mini Plush Farm Animals


Our new Lil Farm mini plush farm animals will have your littlest customers squealing with joy. Mum and dad will be happy too, as farm animal toys teach verbalisation and language skills, foster creativity and imagination, encourage social interaction, support the development of collaboration and life skills and, most importantly, help teach about nature and the animal kingdom.

More importantly, they’re fantastic for your revenue—especially with the Christmas season coming up!

Perfect for Popping in Your Pocket

Our Lil Farm mini plush farm animals are a Wild Republic’s adorable range. At a sweet 18cm, they are perfect for popping in a pocket and taking on adventure. And our new Lil Farm animals will be even more popular, tapping into that love of farm animals that every kid has.

Collect All Six!


Featuring the Lil Goat, Alpaca, Cow, Pink Pig, Spotted Pig and Horse, display them in sets of six and encourage your customers to collect them all. We can imagine displays of little farm scenes—splashes of hay, a small basket of apples and little farm fences that keep the animals from straying. A little wooden barn would definitely complete the picture. And with all the cute mini plush farm animals placed around the scene, it won’t be long before your little customers are begging mum and day for their own little plush petting zoo! A child’s dream!

High-Quality Farm Animal Toys

All our Lil Farm are designed with the quality and sustainability of a Wild Republic soft toy. Extremely cute and soft, eco-friendly but long lasting, you can expect good seams that don’t pull or separate or leave holes for the stuffing to leak out.

And all six styles are fantastic for imaginative play. Parents will adore watching their children build their farm, call out farm sounds and create collaborations and interactions with their toys. Fun and games and educational, too!

Don’t Forget Christmas!

Christmas is coming up quickly and Lil Farm are absolutely perfect for stocking stuffers and Santa sacks. Why not display them in a special section of your shop that features all those little toys that are just the right size for a Christmas stocking or sack (that could definitely include our Merrykins, too!)? Make life easier for stressed mums and dads and help kids get some of the cutest Christmas toys around!


  • Six styles available – Goat, Alpaca, Cow, Pink Pig, Spotted Pig, Horse
  • Eco-friendly
  • Suitable for ages 3+
  • 7″ / 18cm
  • Soft and cuddly!

Don’t Miss out

Don’t miss out on stocking some of the most popular kids’ toys—farm animal toys. Order our new Lil Farm mini plush farm animals and you’ll be sure to have exactly what your customers are looking for. Cute, cuddly, soft, imaginative and educational toys that thrill kids and parents alike and are great for a retailer’s bottom line!

To order Wild Republic’s newest Lil Farm Animals for your shop, pop onto our wholesale site[link] and make an order. And if you’re not a Wild Republic retailer it’s easy to do on our Become a Retailer page.