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Dinosaur Toys are BIG Business: Meet Wild Republic’s Newest Dinosaur Puppets

From dinosaur plush toys to dinosaur puppets, from books of facts to Hollywood blockbusters, kids LOVE dinosaurs. And that means dinosaur toys are BIG business for your retail shop.

It’s a near universal rule – kids love dinosaurs.

Dino-loving kids can rattle off the scientific names of dinosaurs that weren’t even discovered when we were children. They can tell you which had a beak, or horns, which ate plants and which scavenged carcasses killed by other predators. They know the difference between Mesozoic and Cretaceous and will certainly let you know if you put the wrong combination together (like T-Rex and Stegosaurus who lived millions of years apart!).

Dinosaur Toys are BIG Business

In fact, nearly every kid has a dinosaur phase. If you weren’t obsessed with dinos as a kid, then you certainly knew a child that was. Studies show that the one of the most common intense interests of children are dinosaurs. That means that it’s very, very, very likely that many dino-centric kids are coming into your retail shop every single day. And that means that dinosaur toys are BIG business.

Meet Wild Republic’s Newest Dinosaur Puppets (and Hear them ROAR!)

We love dinosaurs here at Wild Republic but, more importantly, we know your littlest customers do, too. That’s why we’ve created our newest dinosaur plush toys – our Dino Puppets with Sound!

Designed with all the quality and sustainability of a Wild Republic dinosaur soft toy, our dinosaur puppets are not your typical hand puppets. Instead, with just a squeeze of your hand, these prehistoric creatures will let out a wild roar delighting all those dino-obsessed kids and frightening their parents (another benefit for the kids!).

All three styles are fantastic for imaginative play. With the sound button placed inside the mouth of the dinosaur puppet it’s easy to create the roaring while using the puppet for fun and games. And because they’re high-quality, eco-friendly dinosaur plush toys, your paying customers (i.e., the parents) will feel good about adding them to the family, as well.

Even better, each dinosaur plush toy comes with a tag that gives the child a fact about that dinosaur. For example, our Pteranodon dinosaur puppet boasts a tag that says, ‘Did you know? Despite common media portrayal, Pteranodons were not dinosaurs but they were a close relative. Pteranodons were large flying reptiles with wingspans between 8-10 meters’. For the dinosaur (and flying reptile!) obsessed kids, this might be one of the best parts of the toy!

Meet Pteranodon

As we’ve seen, Pteranodon isn’t really a dinosaur, but a flying reptile that lived during the dinosaur times. Your kid customers will certainly know this, but it won’t change the fact that they will adore this dinosaur puppet. I imagine them flying them around the room, roaring along with the Pteranodon’s roars!

Meet Triceratops

Triceratops’ tag will inform your customers that it had the biggest head ever possessed by a land animal – about two-and-a-half metres long! Triceratops has long been one of the favourite herbivores of the dinosaur world because of its distinctive frill and three horns. Kids will adore adding this dinosaur puppet to their imaginative play!

Meet T-Rex

T-Rex was believed to be the largest and fiercest dinosaur ever to walk the planet for decades. And while it’s no longer the biggest dinosaur (that honour goes to Spinosaurus), it will always be one of the most famous and popular for kids. Our T-Rex dinosaur puppet isn’t as fierce as its real-life compatriots (though its incredible roar might convince you otherwise), but your customers certainly won’t mind!


  • Three styles available – Pteranodon, Triceratops and T-Rex
  • Eco-friendly
  • Suitable for ages 3+
  • 12″ / 30cm
  • Sound button
  • Batteries not replaceable


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