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WR MFTP Message for the Planet

Our ‘Message From the Planet’ Range of 100% Recycled Toys

Wild Republic was created to connect our founder’s love for children and wildlife. Our mission is to deliver toys and stuffed animals that foster curiosity about wildlife and educate children about the wonders of nature.

When retail customers are asked the most important factors to consider before buying a product, you get the usual suspects—price, quality and… environmental impact? Well, yes.

In fact, a survey from Accenture shows that 80% of customers feel that it’s important for companies to sell environmentally conscious products. It’s no longer a ‘nice to have’, or an extra. Ensuring the products you sell are eco-friendly is now simply retail best practice.

And we can help you with that, with our new Message to the Planet range of 100% recycled toys!

Meet Wild Republic’s New Message From the Planet 100% Recycled Toys

Since 2020, Wild Republic has been donating a percentage from Pocketkins sales to WIRES. As Australia’s largest wildlife rescue organisation, WIRES does awesome work rescuing and caring for sick, injured and orphaned native animals. It operates a dedicated Wildlife Rescue Office, assisting wildlife and the community 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In fact, WIRES receives over 90,000 rescue requests each year – that’s up to 1,000 a day during spring and summer. That’s a lot of Australian animals that need help.

Each plush is made with bespoke fabric that has been designed to relate to that particular animal toy. And as 100% recycled toys, they’re the first of our ranges to also include a plastic eye that’s entirely made from recycled materials.

Because there are no new plastics involved in creating these eco-friendly plush, they’re fully sustainable and great for the earth. And it’s not just us saying so! The Message From the Planet range has already been awarded a Bronze Medal at the Independent Toy Awards for 2021 (something we’re really proud of, too)!

About Message From the Planet Plush

Of course, just like our other ranges, the Message From the Planet recycled toys are first and foremost cute and cuddly! The pop art design is interesting and eye-catching, and will certainly stand out from rows and rows of identical plush toys.

Available in 30cm (or 12”) sizes, we have six different cute creatures in the range, each designed to keep all your customers happy. Kids, who simply love soft and cute plush toys, and parents, who are driven by sustainability. It’s a win win!.

Message from the Planet Range

1. Dolphin—Be the change is our Dolphin’s mantra! This recycled toy is everything every kid could want. Bright colours, sustainable and just plain adorable.

2. Sea Turtle—Our Sea Turtle has a bit of a mischievous look in his 100% recycled eyes. But that just makes him all the more appealing!

3. Giraffe—Bright yellows, oranges and purples really suit our charming Giraffe. Kids will particularly love her blue tufts of hair on her cute tail and little horns

4. Elephant—Just quietly, this little cutie is our runaway favourite. It’s tufty ears, bright white tusks and trunk held proudly aloft will delight every child. And the elephant, earth and whale fabric design, is just perfect for this eco-friendly plush toy.

5. Rhino—Our Rhino is just a dream. The pop art print has climbing wines, brightly coloured birds and, of course, the majestic rhino.

6. Great White Shark—One of the most popular in the range because of its huge chomping bite! Kids of all ages will love this dramatic eco-friendly toy, and feel adventurous and brave.

How to Display Recycled Toys

Purchasing recycled toys should feel good on its own (and it does!). But with around 80% (at least!) of your toy shoppers keen to make a difference in the world, it just makes sense to display your recycled toys in a way that maximises that characteristic for you.

We love the idea of creating a table with a few statistics about the planet. Pop up some bright lollipop-style signs that showcase key statistics about the environment and the planet (The World Counts has some great information) and some information about what we can do to help (reduce, recycle, reuse is a good first step). Keep it simple and streamlined, but factual, and you’ll see sales of recycled toys ramp up for sure!

We also love the idea of putting a bunch of recyclable plastic bottles or bags, in a tub right next to your recycled toy offerings with signage that says, ‘From this to this!’ Simple and compelling!

No matter what you choose to do, letting your customers know which of your products are recycled and sustainable is just a great way to sell more products… and feel good in the process!

CTA – If you’re keen to get Wild Republic’s newest 100% recycled toys in your retail shop, pop onto our wholesale site and make an order. And if you’re not a Wild Republic retailer it’s easy to do on our Become a Retailer page.