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Wild Republic’s Foilkins

Wild Republic’s Foilkins—Sea Animal Plush Toys Bringing the Ocean to Life

Kids love ocean animals. Sharks, dolphins, whales, even stingrays—they’re the subject of hundreds of thousands of children’s books, adventure stories and.. yes… even toys!

Wild Republic was created to connect our founder’s love for children and wildlife. 

Our mission is to deliver toys and stuffed animals that foster curiosity about wildlife and educate children about the wonders of nature.

Kids love sea animal toys… and plushies!

Though it’s hard to understand precisely what draws kids to sea creatures (perhaps it’s because won’t find them at the local petting zoo!), there’s no doubt, they love them. And modern parents appreciate them, too. They find it a great way to spark a child’s interest about the ocean, and to start conversations about bigger issues—like caring for our oceans, it’s creatures and the world generally.

Of course, the other thing kids love are plush toys. It’s pretty easy to see what kids adore about plush toys (they’re so cute!). But did you know that experts believe they’re also drawn to them because they help children practice ‘the language of care’ without the fear of getting it wrong. So the child, and the plushie, can ‘practice real world social interactions through play’.

For you, as a retailer, it just makes sense to embrace this love of sea animal toys and plush toys. And if you can get them all in one—even better. That’s why we’re so happy to introduce you to Wild Republic’s newest range of plush toys—Foilkins!

Meet Wild Republic’s New Sea Animal Plush Toys, Foilkins

Our newest toy brand, Foilkins, is the perfect combination of interesting, educational sea animal toys, and cute soft plush toys to give you absolutely delightful sea animal plush toys.

Standing 30cm (or 12”) high, they’re made of the softest plush in the most vibrant colours. What makes them truly unique is that they’re also studded with silver, gold or green foiling. With such eye catching patterns, they’re sure to entice all your little shoppers.

The Foilkins Range

We have seven of the most popular sea creatures in our range.

1. Foilkins Tiger Shark—Brought to life with yellow and white plush, and silver foil stripes, our Tiger Shark sure to snapped up by shark loving kids across Australia.


2. Foilkins Squid—Orange plush, with blushing pink tentacles, and gold foil patterns, this sea animal plush is cute and cuddly (and not at all squishy!).


3. Foilkins Harbour Seal—Grey plush with the cutest little nose and smiley mouth. This little guy is also covered in silver foil stars. Sure to delight your little customers!


4. Foilkins Sea Turtle—Our personal favourite! This cute creature is made of soft green plush in three colours. It also has gold foil patterns on his head and flippers, and green foil patterns on his super cute shell! Absolutely bewitching.


5.  Foilkins Octopus—Who ever said there was no such thing as a pink octopus? Our pink octopus is very happy in its vibrant, silver-patterned shade.


6.Foilkins Stingray—Another one of our favourites, the stingray is made from fluffy white plush on its underside and maroon plush studded with a variegated gold foil pattern on top. Beautiful and interesting.


7.  Foilkins Dolphin—Sure to be a consistent choice amongst your little shoppers, our Foilkins Dolphin is made from two shades of blue in the softest plush. It also boasts a cute silver foil sea shell pattern.

The Mini Foilkins Range

Of course we can’t forget out Mini Foilkins. At only 15cm (16”) high they’re just as delightful as our standard Foilkins. But because they’re in a smaller size (and at a lower price point) they’re easy for parents (urged on by kids) to simply grab and go!

We have three of the most popular Foilkins in the Mini Foilkins range.

1. Mini Foilkins Tiger Shark—Just as tough (but a softy on the inside) as his bigger counterpart.

2. Mini Foilkins Sea Turtle—We can’t help but think of this little fellow as the son of our larger Foilkins Sea Turtle. Put them together and you’re onto a winner for sure!

3. Mini Foilkins Octopus—There’s something about the short stubby tentacles that just make us adore this mini Octopus, and we’re sure your customers will, too!

Displaying your Foilkins and Mini Foilkins

Cute, soft, ocean-focused, sea animal plush toys will almost sell themselves! But we think it looks really cute to display them in an ocean themed display. Put together a table with a brightly painted cardboard coral reef, with a blue background, and display the Foilkins in a sea setting. It’s a great way to spark the imagination of kids and parents alike!

And like all our mini plush, Mini Foilkins are great near the register, for a quick grab and go!

Of course, with the Christmas retail season already begun, there’s no better time to get your ‘Santa sack’ table together. And both Foilkins and Mini Foilkins are a fantastic addition!

If you’re keen to get Wild Republic’s Foilkins sea animal plush toys in your retail shop, pop onto our wholesale site and make an order. And if you’re not a Wild Republic retailer it’s easy to do on our Become a Retailer page.