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Kids Masks

A Quick Guide To Wild Republic’s Kids Masks

The times in which we live have called for businesses to adapt and help create solutions that positively impact their communities. At Wild Republic, we have seen the need for innovation, which is why we’ve developed a range of kids and adults’ masks designed to combine safety and fun. Wild Republic is also sending PPE equipment to hospitals worldwide to do our part to help in these unprecedented times. Here’s everything you need to know about our Wild Smiles masks and how to order them for your retail store.

Things You Should Know About Our Face Masks For Kids

Wild Republic’s face masks for kids are where safety meets fun. Here’s some more information about the range;

  • They’re reusable. Here at Wild Republic, we don’t like waste. That’s why we created this fun range of machine-washable, reusable face masks for children!
  • We have a print to suit everyone. The Wild Smiles face masks come in a wide variety of prints and colours, so your customers are guaranteed to find something that suits their style.

How To Order Wild Republic’s Face Masks For Kids

Wild Republic’s ordering process is all online, so it’s straightforward to replenish stock or order new products.

  • Order online. We offer 24/7 online ordering, so you can place an order at any time of the night or day.
  • Everything you need is in one place. If you need to advertise our products on your website or publish them in catalogues, don’t waste time getting professional product images taken. We provide easily downloadable professional, high-quality images for both print and online use.
  • Wherever you are, we’ll get your products there. Wild Republic is proud to supply to retailers all over Australia, so wherever you need your stock shipped to, we’ll get it there.

Tips To Provide Your Customers On Mask Safety

The Wild Republic team would like to see both retailers and their customers practising hygiene and safety, so we’ve got a few tips for you to pass along to your customers about how to make the most of our face masks for kids.

  • Wash your hands before putting on or taking off your mask. To prevent the spread of viruses and stop yourself from getting sick, make sure your hands are clean before removing or putting on your mask.
  • When your mask is on, make sure it covers your nose, mouth, and chin. Only then will you be taking full advantage of the safety your Wild Smiles mask offers.
  • Wash your kids masks regularly. If you wear your mask every day, you need to wash it every day too. When you’re not using it, keep your mask in a clean plastic bag.

To Stock Wild Republic’s Fun Range Of Kids Masks, Register As A Retailer

At Wild Republic, eco-friendly practice and sustainability are at the forefront of everything we do. We are continually looking for opportunities to innovate and positively impact the world around us, but that doesn’t come at the cost of our products. We refuse to compromise on quality and our commitment to manufacturing premium products while simultaneously fostering a sustainability culture within our brand. It’s this dedication that makes Wild Republic an award-winning industry leader for plushies in Australia. If you’re interested in stocking a range of high quality, educational, sustainable kids’ masks from a leading environmentally-friendly brand, partner with us and let’s make the world a better place, one soft toy at a time.