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Say Hello to This Year’s Best Holiday Toys—Holidangers and Merrykins Christmas Plush!

We know that claiming to have this year’s ‘best holiday toys’ is a big statement. But here at Wild Republic we think our new range of Holidanglers and Merrykins Christmas plush are just uniquely versatile, incredibly cute and cuddly and so very merry that we just can’t resist. And we think your customers will agree.

Wild Republic was created to connect our founder’s love for children and wildlife. 

Our mission is to deliver toys and stuffed animals that foster curiosity about wildlife and educate children about the wonders of nature.

Say Hello to This Year’s Best Holiday Toys—Holidangers and Merrykins Christmas Plush!

Christmas plush toys aren’t just merry holiday fun—they’re also big business. As retailers we’re all aware of the importance of Christmas spending for our businesses bottom lines. And in good news for Australian retailers nationwide, this spending is set to rise.

Christmas Consumer Spending is on the Rise

The December retail trade report released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed that shoppers nationwide spent over $55 billion throughout the Christmas trade period. This made Christmas 2020 the biggest on record. Experts believe that much of rise in Christmas consumer spending was related to the stress of lockdowns and the cancellations of vacations, holidays and other events. And if that’s the case then we’re certainly set to see those retail dollars flowing again this year!


Holiday-Themed Toys and Plush

While the ‘best holiday toys’ will, of course, be whatever the newest trend is for 2021 (Globber Flow Scooters, maybe) and the old standbys (Pokémon cards and L.O.L. Dolls, perhaps!), there is something uniquely attractive about holiday toys, like Christmas plush toys.

Kids love to grab one as soon as they hit the shelves, craving that initial hit of Christmas. Parents love them as stocking stuffers and decorations (especially our Holidangers!). And they are lovely pressies for nieces, nephews, god children and more throughout the entire holiday season.

Holiday-themed toys say, ‘Christmas is here!’ And what kid doesn’t love that?

Meet Our New Range: Holidanglers and Merrykins!

When it comes time to get your shop ready for the holidays, you definitely should consider stocking (and utilising) our new range of Holidanglers and Merrykins!



Our super cute Holidanglers are fantastic and merry seasonal 2021 Holiday plush toys (and decorations!). Our range includes a cute (and a little cross-eyed) reindeer, a happy, hatted snowman, red-robed Santa and, of course, Santa’s favourite little helper, our green-garbed elf. All are made with cute Velcro hands that make them perfect for hugging the necks of good little children or even decorating.

The Holidanglers are wonderful to hang around your shop entrance, to add some Christmas cheer to your displays of best holiday toys and even to decorate your shop’s Christmas tree! And because they’re stuffed with recycled bottle filling, they’re also a feel-good purchase for you and your customers.


Merrykins are our smaller versions of the Holidanglers range. They are the perfect Christmas plush toys for little hands (and little hearts!) and wonderful as stocking stuffers, Christmas fun and play before the big day and as gifts for kids of all ages. Of course, we have all the Holidangers characters in the Merrykins range, including our darling elf, Santa, snowman and reindeer.

Stock these near your checkout counter and we guarantee that your littlest retail customers won’t be able to resist (their mums and dads either). Even better, Merrykins come in a display box of four, excellent for your customers who just can’t decide! (And for kids that want to welcome all four characters into their lives!)

Don’t Miss Our Exclusive Holiday Stockings with Removable Plush Toys!

We’re also so excited to showcase our Holiday Stockings with Removable Plush! These little cuties are also perfect for Christmas decorating, gift giving and celebrating. We love the idea of hanging these on the back of the chair at Christmas lunch (just for the kids, or everyone!). And incorporating them into your Christmas displays will bring a beautiful holiday spirit.

Or course, the stocking is absolutely ‘Christmas’ but the Christmas plush toys inside are, without a doubt, totally Wild Republic. There is the choice of six different creatures—unicorn, T-Rex, sloth, llama, fawn and flamingo—which means a great opportunity for a ‘Collect All 6’ campaign as part of your floor display. The stockings themselves also boast images that relate to the plush inside making them both cute and practical.

Christmas Retail Season is Coming!

The Christmas retail season is on its way, and that makes it a great time to get your Christmas stock in store. Holidangers and Merrykins are fantastic ‘intro’ Christmas toys—perfect for saying, ‘Christmas is coming!’ to all your little customers. And when you start your decorating, don’t miss the holiday stockings. Combined with a Christmas tree festooned with Holidanglers, what could be more festive?

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